Why did i not receive sms confirmation?
Please check that you have entered the correct phone number in the settings section of your app.

Profile > Account > Info > Mobile
Why can't i sign into my account?
Make sure you have created an account with SalonSeek and your log in credentials are correct. If you are having trouble signing in with Facebook, enter your Facebook credentials into the username and password section of sign in.
How do i suggest a salon to SalonSeek?
SalonSeek is constantly working to add salons and expand into new areas. To suggest a salon go to our contact page and select from the drop down menu, suggest a salon. Fill in the salons name and area and we will try our best to get them on board as soon as possible. You can also make an in app request if there are no salons in your area.
Why wasn't my pre-booking refunded?
SalonSeek has a strict 24 hour cancelation policy. Failing to cancel your appointment 24 hours prior will result in your pre-booking not being refunded.
How does SalonSeek make real bookings?
When you book a treatment with SalonSeek, your reservation is instantly recorded in the salons booking system. Instead of ringing up the salon an making an appointment during salon hours, you can book a treatment after hours in seconds & receive an instant confirmation.
Why has my account been deleted?
You may possibly have deleted your account, if you have deleted your account sign back up using the same email address or log back in with Facebook. If you fail to log in, SalonSeek has a strict no show policy if you don't show to four treatments within a year without cancelling, SalonSeek will remove your account immediately.
How do i remove a payment method?
All your cards are nestled in the account section of your app, you will be able to remove and add all cards from here

Profile > Account > My Cards
Payments & Reviews
How can i give salons ratings & reviews?
You can only rate / review salons once you have completed a booking at the salon.
Once you have completed your treatment enter back into the SalonSeek app and you will be prompted with a screen asking if you want to review your previous treatment.
Why cant i find my review?
SalonSeek has a strict review policies and guide lines, if we feel that your review is in breach of our policies, guide lines, or is not relevant to the salon we will choose not to post your review. Please note SalonSeek does not change or edit your reviews we review your post and choose whether it is appropriate to post.
Will my name show with my SalonSeek review?
Your name will not display on your review, your review will be displayed, by (salon name) client.
SalonSeek has decided
Does SalonSeek post negative reviews?
SalonSeek posts all reviews received that meet guide lines, regardless of whether they describe a positive or negative salon experience. You will be able to see your review in the reviews section of your app.
Can i edit / remove my review?
You cannot edit your review once it has been submitted to SalonSeek.
If your review gets approved by SalonSeek you can choose to delete it under the reviews section of your app.
Why is the treatment i have made asking for a pre-booking?
Some salons may or may not require pre-bookings. Pre-bookings are to secure your treatment with the salon you have selected.Your pre-booking total will be deducted from the total price of your treatment.
Salon Support
How do i get my establishment on SalonSeek?
Firstly thank you for expressing your interest in SalonSeek!
We would love for you to join our family! Send us a message via the sign up page and see what
SalonSeek can do for you! Select "Sign Up Now" button to start the process.
Sign Up Now
I cant seem to log in to my account?
Firstly make sure your log in credentials are correct.
If you still cant log into your account select forgot password from the login page.
You will be asked to enter email address for a password rest.
Need tech support?
Contact us, we have added a chat feature into your dashboard.
Simply click help button on the bottom right of your screen and get one on one tech support,
with SalonSeeks customer representatives. You can also contact us via the contact page.
Cant find what you were looking for? Contact us!
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